One Stop Solution

We are in a position to support our dealers with various agriculture inputs apart from farm equipment such as soil testing kits, bio based fertilizers, pheromone traps, beneficial insects for pest control etc.,  Our expertise developed over 20 years of working closely with farmers, will ensure that our shop becomes a one stop solution to farmers providing him with quality products and advising him on sustainable practices.

NABL accredited testing laboratory

Vegetable seeds

Biokit- Range of NPK bacteria, fungicides and biopesticides for initial Soil Application application

• Tractors of 18 HP, 35, and 50 HP Farm Equipment
• Complete range of agri implements

• Beneficial insects Organic pest control
• Phermone traps and yellow sticky traps

• Vedic Organic Certification Agency (VOCA)- is accredited by APEDA as Organic certification NPOP and NOP standards